Seen everywhere but not actually done until the cool kid did it. Google "Your First Name needs" and then list the results. There's probably a limit but since my search turned up two whole results, I'm not bothering with any limitations.

Zh. needs it for the record.
Zh. needs to go on a diet.

Googling "Zh. likes" produces a couple more results. My favourite:

Zh. likes to fold clothes.

Which is so untrue.


miss fish said...

I don't like folding clothes either. Perhaps we need to learn?

Odilon said...

Man, The Gap should really stop using those plexiglass plates for folding tee-shirts and teach their employees that method...

I had a friend who worked at The Gap during the holiday season once. The manager gave them a pep talk at some point, "Now, everyone has his or her speciality. Something at which he or she is really good. Like, some people are better at folding pants. Some people are better at folding tee-shirts..." and so on. I never would have made it working at The Gap.