I just joined a Yahoo group dedicated to swapping kits to make various projects. The basic idea is that you send someone a kit for a particular project. She then uses the materials you sent to make the project, sends the completed item(s) to you and keeps the left-overs. It's a cool way to replenish your stash. I signed up for two swaps: one for two greeting cards and one for two autumn decos. I'm still getting together my autumn deco swap but to the right are the supplies I'm sending for the greeting card kit. As I collected stuff, I realized that I don't use much in the way of materials. Paper, thread, more paper, paint, pen, more paper, and paper. I've been beading my deco bindings lately but my selection of beads is pretty small: seed beads in blues, greens, white, red, orange, and now yellow. As you can tell, one kit is pink and red with some gold and the other is blue and purple with some green. I'll post the results when the materials are returned in a new form.


Altered Thoughts said...

That sounds like a fun group. I love doing swaps. Its neat to see what others put together!

Sarah Reed said...

oh, what lovely lovely supplies! i cannot wait to see what you send to me!


Odilon said...

Well, I hope that you enjoy the deco kits. The light has sucked here or I would've taken pictures and posted them.