The first postcard I sent via Postcrossing arrived in Brazil today. Yeah! Postcrossing is like PostcardX! but with more rules. When you sign up, you can request up to three random addresses. The addresses are sent to your inbox with a claim code. You write up your postcard, put the code on it, and send it off. When the postcard is received, the recipient punches in the claim code and you can request another address. Also, your name and address jump to the front of the queue, so that the next person who requests an address will get yours. I still enjoy the randomness of PostcardX! but this is fun too. There are little maps on you profile showing where you've sent, etc.

I'm sending an awful lot of postcards to Brazil, though....

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Cellissimo said...

I also discovered Postcrossing through Dunglas's "Build a better mousetrap" forum. I just sent a card to someone in France, which was received yesterday!

I love the merbird. I like Klee a lot, but Bosch is strangely fascinating.

I'm taking a class on the Harlem Renaissance and just discovered Aaron Douglas. He painted some very cool Art Deco type landscapes. Lots of soft, concentric circles and bisecting rays and lots of soft greens against grays. I think I'll try to emulate his style next chance I get!