What do YOU Like? A Deco

Last year sometime, I started the following deco on Nervousness. There were two verisons going around, one on the main site and one in the forums. The last signer still has the one that circulated on the forums but this one, which I started later, came home. It was my first deco ever. And happily, it was also the first one to come home.

The theme was "What do YOU Like?". Every signer decorated the front of a page with something that she liked and then wrote something about it on the back. I started doing mailart on pX! a couple of years ago. At that point, it was more about finding a suitable outlet for my various creations and learning bits and pieces about other people than about getting of stuff, although mail is always lovely. And then, last summer, I started doing Mail Art via Nervousness. I will admit to being cheesed about not receiving returns on a couple of objects but it's still more about the sending than the receiving. Please, however, don't take this post as an excuse to hoard my decos. That's just mean.

Some of my favourite people signed up for this object. The participants in order of appearence are: AllyC, Diabla, Nici, Colorangel, Black Orchestra, Miss Fish, and Sharon. I need to do the final page in this still. This weekend? Maybe I'll do a bird.


miss fish said...

Eeep! Can't wait to see all the scans... and your addition as well. I love your bluebird btw. :)

andrea (again) said...

p.s. I am insanely jealous that a deco Actually Made It Back to You. I have yet to have one return home to me!