Rose and Brown Deco: Page

This is a page I did in a brown and rose deco over on ADW. Brown mulberry paper with a cut-paper fan on it. The fan is made from katazome, which is like chiyogami except that the paper is hand-made and you can't buy it in smaller sheets, which makes me sad because I think that I may love it more than chiyo. The mist motif is cut from a raspberry-coloured mulberry paper.


Cellissimo said...

That is so pretty! I love the colors and design. I really like the way you use patterned paper!

The artwork in the "What do you like" deco is wonderful!

I like the way this journal looks - hopefully this site won't mess with your photos!

Odilon said...

Yeah! You made it!

Thanks so much. I've been riffing on the fan motif in everything lately and thanking my lucky stars that I have access to katazome.

I cried when the what do you like deco made it home. I was stunned by the work everyone did.

I like this template better too. Probably because I customized it. You're supposed to be able to do it over at GJ but I could never figure out how. Grrr....

Here's hoping that the pictures here last longer. They should. I have another Photobucket account and nothing's disappeared in the two-ish years I've had it.