I still haven't received an answer to my help request at GJ. It looks as though the requests hang around until someone, anyone answers them. Only someone with the ability to do the deleting can answer my question, however. You get points for answering the questions too. My question is now worth four points. Hopefully someone will help me once the work week starts.

To combat my grumpiness, here's a sample of the yummy stuff sent to me by Miss Fish for a paper exchange. I've always oggled the fishy paper at Loomis and Toles and Indian paper is a rare commodity here in Toronto. We can get classy hand-sewn stuff at the JPP but sometimes you just don't want that. I could also trek up to Richmond Hill to buy some from a very sweet woman Ptichka and I met at a craft show last year but we feel awkward actually calling her to come and pick us up from the northern-most subway station on the east fork of the Yonge-University-Spadina line. Even though she offered because we don't have a car.

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